CBS News: WiFi Hotspots ‘Hotbed for Hacker Activity’


In a compelling new video clip, CBS News praises the merits of PRIVATE WiFi and highlights the increasing awareness among security-savvy consumers to protect their data in wireless hotspots.

Watch as CBS News’ Jericka Duncan gets her email credentials — including user name and password — literally stolen out of thin air. The PRIVATE WiFi team was able to demonstrate the insecurity of public WiFi and why everyone needs a personal VPN for their security. After all, most people use the same password across multiple sites — including email, social media, online banking, and photo-sharing sites.

A VPN like PRIVATE WiFi will encrypt everything on your device. This means hackers and crooks can’t access any of your sensitive communications and personal data.

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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.

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