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Elder Identity Theft: Not Everyone Respects Their Elders

The injuries suffered by an older person from physical abuse or neglect are tragic, but there is another, less publicized, form of abuse: financial exploitation. Financial abuse or exploitation can rob a senior of self-esteem and trust, as well as of his or her means of subsistence. It is a serious and shameful crime. When a relative, friend or caretaker exploits an older person and manages to drain away savings, assets and good credit that have taken years to accumulate and establish, the result can be devastating.

‘Disruption by Design’ – Trends From the Wired Business Conference

CEO Kent Lawson attended the annual Wired Business Conference in New York, and the theme was how discontinuous change occurs in an industry. In other words, disruption in an industry always comes from the outside. Those inside the industry are good at incremental improvements, but it is hard for them to see things very far outside their familiar context. It takes an outsider’s view to envision things dramatically different from how they currently are. Read on for more trends and insights from the conference.

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Criminal Medical Identity Theft: A Tornado of a Different Kind

Many victims of Identity theft are overwhelmed by the amount of damage their identity thief has done. Just when they think they have cleared up one problem another will surface and it will seem that every aspect of their life is affected in one way or another. Even within each type of identity theft (Financial, Criminal and Medical) there are further distinctions, each with its own havoc-wreaking consequences. Read on here to learn more about criminal medical identity theft.

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Distressingly Fragile: Digital Information and Things That We Trust That We Shouldn’t

It might sound crazy, but it’s actually rather simple for some cyberpunk to drive to where you live or work, park out front, and put up cellphone antenna aimed at your home or office to hack your cell phone conversations, text messages, even emails. Think it’s not so simple? Think again, says CEO Kent Lawson, so check out his latest post exploring a few new “distressingly fragile” mobile trends you need to know about.

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Ask the Expert: Am I At Risk If Stores I Shop At Keep My Email Address on File?

In his latest “Ask the Expert” monthly installment, CEO Kent Lawson discusses ways you can protect your email, password, and other sensitive information in the wake of the recent Epsilon email data breach affecting millions of customer information from retail giants and banks nationwide. Before you click on that so-called legitimate link sent from your “bank,” check out his tips to keep yourself and your family protected!

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Correcting Misinformation on Medical Records

Misinformation on medical records may be caused by human error or identity theft. It can lead to an inaccurate diagnosis of a condition and could be fatal if the information causes a drug interaction, allergic reaction or inappropriate diagnoses. You should be able to fully correct medical records created in your name. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a federal privacy act that protects patients from unauthorized access to personal medical information and addresses the problem of errors in medical records.


Report from the InfoSec World Conference: Game-Changing HTML5 Will Alter Browser Security

What’s HTML5? In this week’s post from CEO Kent Lawson, he says it could mean that every time you visit a website, you will be potentially ceding control of your laptop, tablet, or phone to someone else. Read on for more information about the future of website browsing security and what it means for our safety and security online.


That’s Not My Blood Type: Financial Medical Identity Theft

Consumers are usually surprised to find out how far reaching identity theft can be. It can affect many different parts of a victim’s life. One growing form is medical identity theft, which is often difficult to deal with due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and other privacy laws. Even within the category of medical identity theft, there are multiple forms of the crime. Read on for some basic information on one form of medical identity theft called financial medical identity theft, and also the process for cleaning up the mess.

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Smartphone Safety and Tax Apps

Filing your taxes? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are a few apps for that. These days time is a precious commodity and the ability to file your taxes through your Smartphone seems like a dream come true. You are now able to snap a picture of your W-2 with your Smartphone, have the information automatically entered and then submitted to the federal government. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Convenience though, often goes hand in hand with a lower level of security and these Smartphone apps are no exception. In order to understand the risks of using these apps one must look at just what is available, what the risks of usage are, and how to protect oneself.

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Can You Trust Your Cellphone With Any Personal Privacy?

Since mobile phones are a necessary part of modern life, are we handing over our personal privacy to be part of the 21st century? CEO Kent Lawson explains how a German man set out to learn exactly what his cellphone provider knew about him — and the staggering results are astounding and will make even the most die-hard smartphone fans question their privacy.


Protecting Yourself While Filing Your Taxes Online

There are actually four “tax times” throughout the year, but for most people April 15th is “THE tax time.” It can be a very stressful time of year and the last thing you need to worry about is identity theft. While figuring out if that new pair of shoes could be a “business expense” may have you pulling your hair out, taking some simple precautions can help you avoid having your identity stolen. Follow these precautions to help ensure that finishing your taxes is a time to celebrate, not a time to start worrying.


Ask the Expert: What Are Supercookies? Do They Affect My Online Privacy?

Do you know what a cookie is? No, not the sweet kind we like to eat with a big glass of milk. A cookie (at least the kind found on the Web) is a short line of text that a website puts on your computer’s hard drive when you visit it. And new “supercookie” filess can store more information than a normal cookie and are scattered in multiple locations, which makes them harder to identify and remove. Check out our latest Ask the Expert to learn everything you ever wanted to know about cookies but were afraid to ask.