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Attorney Crusades Against Spam Emails

An attorney who is “not your average Internet consumer” and sues companies he accuses of violating California’s anti-spam law is working to eradicate all forms of spam. Though this Associated Press article says such lawsuits are “mere rain drops in the ocean” as there are approximately 200 billion spam messages each day, accounting for 90% of all email.

Google Search: ‘This Site May Be Compromised’

This MSNBC post reports that Google has changed how some search results will appear to users. When doing a Google search, a notification may appear directly under the link that warns, “This site may be compromised.” Google says it will use “a variety of automated tools to detect common signs of a hacked site as quickly as possible.”

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Mobile Anonymity: Get App-Smart

Do you like listening to Pandora and playing Angry Birds? Advertisers know it, too. Smartphone users are all but powerless to limit tracking among the apps they download, according to the findings of a new Wall Street Journal report that tested consumer privacy on 101 apps. Many companies allegedly sold consumer details gathered from these apps to various ad networks.

Fortifying Phones From Attackers

The Wall Street Journal reports on the evolving role of privacy and information security as more and more consumers and companies start doing business on their mobile devices. Case in point: AT&T has hired 13 PhDs in the last six months to focus on mobile security technology that detects and blocks malicious software from reaching mobile devices.

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Internet Security In a WikiLeaks Age

In this interview on The Huffington Post, a security adviser warns that “large-scale attacks on individual citizens, exploiting their online lives through bank accounts, social networking, and professional networks” could aim to “disrupt our connected lives.”


Is the Web Becoming Less Secure?

Check out this video and related article from PBS NewsHour, which reflects on the vulnerability of online information and the danger of further cyberattacks, especially in light of the recent hacking on Gawker.

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Public Wifi Tempts by Land and Rail

In attempts to stay competitive with the airline industry, train service and bus companies are going high-tech, installing more electrical plugs to allow riders to charge devices and unveiling free WiFi from coast to coast. But are you being careful about protecting yourself on the road?