Are Consumers or Companies Responsible for Online Privacy?


Should consumers or companies be blamed for online privacy concerns? Is one side at fault, or is it both, or neither?

Those are just some of the questions being raised on this website, which notes the following:

“The debate over these areas is heating up again with the Commerce Department and the FTC expected to release reports on how to improve online privacy in the next couple of weeks. WebProNews spoke with Jules Polonetsky, the Director of the Future of Privacy Forum, who told us that the Commerce Department’s report was worth noting since it would outline where the Obama administration stands on the issue. Interestingly, no acting President or administration has ever before introduced or endorsed a federal privacy law.

Polonetsky told us that it was ‘highly unlikely’ the U.S. would see privacy legislation this year but said that it would happen in the future.”


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.