25,000 Facebook Likes: Why Our Fans Like Us!


Last week, we celebrated a big milestone: the PRIVATE WiFi Facebook community grew beyond 25,000 Likes. Our fans have been extraordinary over the past few years; engaged, they care about WiFi privacy and security, as well as our VPN solution. We wanted to thank them and we did!

PRIVATE WiFi and Facebook LikesAsking the simple question, “What do you like about the PRIVATE WiFi page?,” we encouraged our fans to share their responses with us. Then we selected 25 fans to win a free year of PRIVATE WiFi!

We got some incredible comments; so amazing that we just had to share them with all of you. 

Below are our 25 winners and their reasons for “liking” us. We hope that you will “Like” us, too!

1. Johnny Wilson: “What I like about your page? Your product. What I like about your product? It should be standard on every device.”
2. Larry W. Virgil: “Great product, great service, peace of mind.”
3. Cari And-Jimmy Cruse: “I like the important points & informative links you share on your page that have helped educate me on the importance of securing my devices when using WiFi. Thank you!”
4. Jim Estyle: “your page is very helpful and knowledgeable, I share you frequently”
5. Brenda Lynch: “The most informative of all warning us about using public Wi-Fi, like so many do!”
6. Jennifer Gough: “Smartphones have become repositories for vast amounts of personal information. As their functionality grows, users store more and more of their details in their smartphone, from friends’ phone numbers, diary entries, photos, and messages, to shopping lists, bank details, and travel plans. People need to be able to protect their personal data and this seems like the app that can do it!”
7. Dale Rapp: “Excellent blog with great advice on how to be safe on insecure Wi-Fi.”
8. Linda McGuire: “It names the problems, has the solution.”
9. John Bollinger: “I have really appreciated the knowledge and warnings you guys have posted. I have shared several of them with my friends as well. Thanks.”
10. Lance Teabag Obrien: “Great product, peace of mind.Never go WIFI without it…”
11. Alicia Prusinski: “I love all the helpful tips… and keeping us updated as far as the latest in security risks… Thank you.”
12. Jesse Grywacheski: “I like that your page is about something truly useful and not just a gimmick. It is something that could benefit is all. I know I wouldn’t want my identity or private info stolen.”
13. Lora Duguay: “Love this page and I had no idea there was such a thing as private WiFi, but it makes sense and appreciate the info posted here.”
14. Robyn Michaels: “the information is VERY helpful. appreciate it greatly. usually share it too. thanks for all you do ; )”
15. Denise Bendori: “Keeping your private information safe is critical these days with identity theft on the rise. Private WiFi helps to keep me safe when using public Wifi, offers solutions to navigate from potential pitfalls, and explains the possible dangers when using WiFi in general. You guys are great!”
16. Myralyn Balbin: “great service n product.Keeping us safe n secured.”
17. Rob Babboo: “I like the ability to share security awareness and information to people I know. The more information is spread the better chance people will take the right steps in protecting their personal data.”
18. Michael Mendoza: “I like it that you guys keep us informed about stuff so we can be safe. Especially about public WiFi.”
19. Daniel de Regnier: “A well-needed service. Thanks for getting the word out.”
20. Larry Lucas: “Great page. I’ve learned a lot about security I never even imagined by constantly reading the timely and interesting information you post. Thank you!”
21. Jaleel M. Harris: “I like how it pretty much explains VPN and the dangerous of wifi to people who don’t know.”
22. Geri Frakes Burns: “Reliable and trusted information in a manner that is understandable even for myself, one who is not super tech savvy.”
23. Francis Mohajerin: “Ignorance is bliss, until you get hacked. You guys are doing a good job educating people here about this important matter.”
24. Maritess Valeroso Miraflor: “you are very good in keeping us well informed on the danger of using public wi-fi.. thanks…”
25. Eddie Norman: “The best thing that ever happened to protect my laptop after having one destroyed by a hacker at a local cafe.”

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Jillian Ryan

Jillian Ryan is PRIVATE WiFi's Director, Brand Communications and Social Strategy. With a passion for writing, the web, and fast-paced information exchanged via social networks, Jillian is also concerned about the ramifications of putting your life details and personal data into cyberspace. Follow her on Twitter: @Writing_Jillian.

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