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A Very Dangerous Typo

When using the Internet, those who shun caution while typing usually have nothing to worry about save perhaps a Facebook friend telling them they have horrible grammar.  There is, however, one type of typo that can leave you with a computer full of malware.  This can lead to expensive computer repairs, diminished computer performance, or even identity theft. This type of typo is the kind you may punch into a URL/address bar of your internet browser.

Identity Theft Tax Fraud: Is Facebook Putting Your Refund at Risk?

We all want to prevent tax-time identity fraud, but as it’s the no. 1 scam on the IRS Dirty Dozen list for 2012, it’s pretty clear this may take some effort.

One of the best tips is to safeguard your Social Security number. After all, in order to file a phony tax return, a thief simply needs a taxpayer’s name, Social Security number, and birth date.

What is less apparent is that your social networking pages could be helping an identity thief.

Last Chance to Erase Your Google Search Results For Good

Attention, privacy seekers!

IT World says this is your last chance to tell Google to forget about you.

Until March 1, when the search giant’s new single privacy policy goes into effect, there are some simple steps to take to erase your past history.

IRS: Identity Theft Tops 2012 ‘Dirty Dozen’ Tax Scams

The Internal Revenue Service has released its annual “dirty dozen” list of tax scams, and identity theft has earned the no. 1 spot in this year’s ranking.

Taxpayers may encounter the 12 scams at any point during the year, but most peak during filing season as people prepare their tax returns.


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What is RFID and is it Safe?

A great deal of public discussion is currently going on regarding credit cards which have RFID technology. Many people don’t know what it is, how it works, or what it is for.  Find out about this technology.

Video: Google Wallet Security Risks

Security researchers have apparently found a vulnerability in Google’s mobile payments platform. The video below says the problem is currently available in phones sold by Sprint Nextel.

Feds Target 105 In Tax-Related Identity Fraud Scams

IRS officials raided 150 money-services businesses to determine whether they were involved in identity theft or filing for bogus tax refunds.

The nationwide sweep targeted 105 people in 23 states. This included nine “high-risk” cities per the IRS, including Atlanta; Birmingham, Ala.; Chicago; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Phoenix; Tampa; and Washington, D.C.